Annihilator – Alice in Hell Lyrics (1989)

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Alice in Hell Lyrics
Alice in Hell Lyrics – [email protected]

Annihilator – Alice in Hell Lyrics (1989)

1. Crystal Ann


2. Alison Hell

[“A young girl, terrified, there’s something out there. But is it real? It must be, because it’s watching her. Her pleas for comfort and reassurance are ignored, and soon, all she has left is her imagination… And that’s the most terrifying thing of all.”]

Alice isn’t it frightening
Alice aren’t you scared
Alice isn’t it wonderful
Living life afraid
Don’t look around the corner
I might be lurking there
Under the bed at night
You’re up till dawn again

Alison hell, your mind begins to fold
Alison hell, aren’t you growing cold
Alison hell, you are looking blue
Alice in hell, what else can you do

I begin my rule, life hideous in your mind
Crying out, you’ve lost your doll
It isn’t worth a dime

Alison hell, your mind begins to fold
Alison hell, aren’t you growing cold
Alison hell, what are you looking for
Alice in hell, soon i close the door

Sitting in the corner, you are naked and alone
No one listened to your fears, you’ve created me

Alice isn’t it frightening
Alice aren’t you scared
I was killed at birth
I shoot this final scene
You’re in the basement
You’re trapped insanity

Alison hell, what were you looking for
Alison hell, as i close the door
Alison hell, here you shall dwell
Alison hell, Alice dwells in hell

In hell


3. W.T.Y.D. (Welcome to Your Death)

Catch a shooting star, burn it to a crisp
Born into death, will you take the risk
See buckets and buckets, yeah, buckets of sin
You’ll never end and can never begin

Welcome To Your Death (x3)

No forest of pleasure or fields of pain
High-rise at night, see the pavements of stain
A beckoning hand from those who were slain
Now you can sleep again

Repeat Chorus

I take the night and I stretch it wide
And I see all, you hide, I died
So slip right in, sip the wine
The caution flashes but the water’s fine

Repeat Chorus

4. Wicked Mystic

All throughout the centuries, existing year to year
Lives on the powerful entity to thrive on pain and fear
A derelict of heavenly Gods, a feeling from within
Weakened minds are perfect prey, corrosion will begin

Some won’t fight, the battle is forsaken
Show no might, the dark side has awakened

Even in the holiest the curious can be found
Their wonderment is dangerous as virtue is but bound
Moral codes broken
What’s the sin that lurks within, the burning emotion of hatred

Repeat Chorus

Wicked Mystic

Hatred lurks in all of us, no one is exempt
It’s proof of evil in our souls, is this the tempter’s intent
A derelict of heavenly Gods, a feeling from within
Weak minds are perfect prey for corrosion to begin

Repeat Chorus

Wicked Mystic
Wicked Mystic, Mystic

5. Burns like a Buzzsaw Blade

Excess perversion, and we’ll never let it end
You and I are making a private legend
We’ve got the hunger, got the thirst
You want it slow, our bodies glow, nails rake my back

Tongue licks sweet parade
Animal lust, and it burns like a buzzsaw blade
Drippin’ wet, we laugh at this charade
Screams of love in the air tonight
and it burns like a buzzsaw blade

Gratification, do you want some more
On the bed, entangled on the floor
Feel my eyes burn, we writhe until the dawn
Tease and please, humility is gone

Repeat Chorus

Excess perversion, and we’ll never let it end
You and I are making a private legend
Feel my eyes burn, feel everything
On my knees, but I reign as your king

Repeat Chorus

6. Word Salad

Closets of my mind destroyed, as I enter outward from a void
Corpses white have strapped me down, I rise above then fall
Tactual hallucination, cockroaches infest the wall

Psychic pain on ice, I hurt
Devoid strength my life, inert
Anger fills they’ve shocked me back
White corpses turn to black
I run on psychic gasoline, my fuel shall burn you all

Word Salad, no ballad
Word Salad, no ballad

Diabolic plot, a toy, my brain the corpses to destroy
Prick my arm, injection fed, it’s poison, I’m no fool
Tetanus shot, be sure it’s not, I wish I were at school
Closets of my mind destroyed, but I enter inward, black void
Hatred turns to apathy, led down this dark abyss,
Good night, farewell you pig from hell, this world I shall not miss

Word Salad, no ballad
Word Salad

Woken up from death, nausea
Catatonic stupor, anoxia
Remaining still I hold onto a sense of permanence
Negativistic fear of pain, algophobic life sentence
Moral, physical decay, hatred withered away
Scourge of God he makes me pay, I shall not live or die
Vegetative judgment passed, my only thought to cry

7. Schizos (Are Never Alone) Parts I & II

Schizos (Are Never Alone) Parts 1

Schizos are never alone
Schizos are never alone

Schizos (Are Never Alone) Parts 2

Schizos are never alone
Schizos are never alone

8. Ligeia

I do not remember, where we did meet
Lengthened years have built my mind, memories undeep
Yet with instability, one thing stands too clear
Lady perfection, mystery, of whom I shed a tear

Airwoven divinity, mind, soul in victory
Cured of her malady, could this be my lost;

Repeat Chorus

Sickness fell upon Ligeia, all knew she would die
Midnight came to lay her rest, farewell
Opium dreams, grief-stricken years, I took another bride
Replacing that which I did have, Ligeia why

Repeat Chorus (x2)

Chronic disease, my luck cursed
My new wife has died

Coming from her bed of death, I thought I heard her cry
Could a corpse cold, stiff, sedate, sob in the bed it lie
Approaching her, I chilled to stone, for it did swiftly rise
I can never be mistaken, there were, they were, Ligeia’s eyes

Airwoven, divinity, mind, soul in victory
Cured of her malady, could this be my lost;
Airwoven divinity, tears shed, vitality
Cured of her malady, yes this is my lost;

9. Human Insecticide

Psychotic tendencies have put me here for life
Dreams of smashing little things before they ruin my life
Find means capable of smothering a flea
Extermination is their end, escaping not from me

De-ca-pi-tate–I love to see them bleed
I am human insecticide

Creepy black mass, I see one down below
Prepare to strike, act quickly now, strike the fatal blow
Extinguishing the menace, they will know my name
Destroying these, the lives of waste, delivered now to pain

Repeat Chorus

Asphyxiate the flame of life
From hatred they will die
Power kept in my control
Their souls are caged with mine

Expelled from life, they cannot hide, I will find them out
Their game’s lost, I hunt them down, their end without a doubt
Psychotic tendencies, my dreams are coming true
My plans are set without repent, I’m tightening the screw

Repeat Chorus


Alice in Hell Album Lineup:

Band members:

Jeff Waters Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing)
Randy Rampage Vocals (lead)
Ray Hartmann Drums


Rolly Markwort Vocals (backing)
Paul Malek Vocals (backing)
Petra “Nelly” Wilson Vocals (backing)
Wayne Darley Vocals (backing)
Dennis Dubeau Vocals (backing)
Anthony Brian Greenham Guitars

-“Schizos (Are Never Alone) Parts I & II” was originally titled “Fuck the Dead.”
-Alice in Hell was Roadrunner’s largest selling debut at the time, selling over 250,000 records.
-Although original singer John Bates left Annihilator in 1985, he is credited as the co-writer of “Alison Hell”, “W.T.Y.D.”, “Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade” and “Human Insecticide”.
-The sleeve pictures a five-member line up. However, in interviews, Jeff Waters revealed that this was at the behest of the record label, while actually he played the guitars and bass himself.

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at: Live West Productions Fiasco Bros. Studios, New Westminster, B.C., Canada.
Mastered at Frankford / Wayne.

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