Carach Angren – Ethereal Veiled Existence Lyrics (2005)

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Ethereal Veiled Existence Lyrics
Ethereal Veiled Existence Lyrics – Copyright@CarachAngren

Carach Angren – Ethereal Veiled Existence Lyrics (EP) (2005)

1. There Was No Light

….There was no light

2. The Ghost Of Raynham

Norfolk is cursed for the dead left a trace.
There a grand mansion was marked as unhallowed
place. Obscure sightings were frequently seen,
wandering dim hallways with an unearthly gleam.

Strange querimonious laughter at night. Probably
the consequence of ignoring heavenly light. Somehow
a sad spectral reality…
kept reflecting the presence of a shade called the brown lady.

The ghost of Raynham
The ghost of Raynham hall

I shall guide us through it’s arcane past.
It was a time of romance and wine, before the (vis) count
Townshend, found out about his wife.
High was the price. Her indidelity would be severely punished for life,
Locked behind the walls at Raynham hall’s apartments.
There’s where she remained, driven insane until death came.
It was a shame,
“Unfaithful salacious whore… you will never get away!”
That’s why Dorithy died.
After being held in this antiquated prison for life.
Sickness was the reason of her mysterious death…, was said.
Though many have told she’d broke her heart… then her neck!

Over the years dark tales have appeared of a shade in a brown brocade dress.
It was the ghost of the brown lady, still seeking for ethereal rest.

The ghost of Raynham
The ghost of Raynham hall

3. After Death Premises

Bewitching spheres I sense when the temperatures fall.
Whilst dusk quickly devoures all light inside the Townshend’s hall.
Ghostly phenomena I have seen… roaming it’s huge corridors as if I dream abysmal dreams.

1835; the year that colonel Loftus saw dark things at night.
Walking towards his room… a spectral form appeared then vaporized in gloom.

Tenebrous winds… waving curtains.
Unreal noises, footsteps and strange voices.

Neither Christ nor sunlight marked this place with holy grace during these Christmas days.
I fell… dark things staring at me.
This classic realm is just another version of hell.

Her dead skin glowed with a pale luminescence.
A forgotten entity that dwells in a brown satin dress.
Chained in a void of tragedy.
Bound to seek her children in everlasting eternity.

Colonel Loftus met her twice.
The second time… she stared at him and had no eyes.
Her feature looked horrific and cruel, watching the colonel like a terrifying pagan ghoul.

4. Ethereal Veiled Existence

Ethereal Veiled Existence
A few years later an author of sea-novels, entered
Raynhams dominion. Captain Murryat chose to spend his night.
In the room where the poltergeist most frequently arrived.
There hung a portrait, a sketch drawn of a lady.
It was the face of something dark still wandering this place.

Is it for real?…
I must reveal if these grim hauntings are the result of thieves and local smugglers.

On this dreary night he went to sleep, guided be two friends and candlelight.
All at once they froze…!
Suddenly they confronted the cursed lady.
She came forth like freezing winds from north.
No ghastly dream… The brown countess existed for real.

The armed captain pointed his gun and looses of a shot…!
The bullet passed straight through the fearsome shade.
Became lodged in the wall. This thing was not meant to fall.

No single cry, no wounds no blood… It should have died.
This unreal form dwells outside heavenly light.

Carrying a lantern.
Gliding past the walls where her soul became enthralled.
Fear replaced… skepticism.
At last the shade turned and grimned in a diabolical way.
Right before… she vanished.

5. Yonder Realm Photography

Two photographers were on assignment for a known magazine.
They approached the accursed hall.
Unaware of the ghost that… still dwells within.

They were assigned to profile. Raynham’s structure.
Focusing on adequate exposures.
There hung a mystic sphere.
Emotions of unexplainable fear made them clear they’d rather disappear.
For this old house gave them weird conjectures.
As if something dark come near.

Misty form roams through the night.
Torturous soul astrayed from light.
Portraits of dead entities.
Yonder realm photography.

Gazing with fear up the staircase.
A ghostly shape a rose before their eyes.
Quick!… There is something strange.
Click!… Was the sound that the flashlight pistol and the camera made.
They developed a picture that showed a morbid image… apparently of the brown lady.


Ethereal Veiled Existence Album Lineup:

Namtar Drums, Percussion
Seregor Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
Ardek Keyboards, Piano, Orchestration, Vocals (backing)

Additional Info:

All tracks are based on a haunting known as “The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall,” known from the world’s most famous picture of an alleged ghost taken in 1936.

Recording information:

Recorded and produced at the Wijers residence in Well (Netherlands) during August-September 2005.

Raynham hall
Raynham hall

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