Ghost – Infestissumam Lyrics (2013)

Ghost – Infestissumam Lyrics (2013) 1. Infestissumam Il padre Il filio Et lo spiritus malum Omnis caelestis Delenda est Anti cristus Il filio de sathanas: – Infestissumam! 2. Per Aspera ad Inferi Unholy Is the lust in your eyes “Blasphemous” Would not suffice Perverted Are your wishes and dreams Tanning in lucifers’ beams Per aspera […]

Golden Resurrection – One Voice for the Kingdom Lyrics (2013)

Golden Resurrection – One Voice for the Kingdom Lyrics (2013) 1. The Temple Will Remain So many days and so many nights I cried I see the madness all around the world Don’t ever lose your heart Still time for a brand new start The sun will shine With the golden light See the signs […]

Ghost – Meliora Lyrics (2015)

Ghost – Meliora Lyrics (2015) 1. Spirit Throw yourself Into the vessel of possibilities Your green muse The apparatus for soul mobility A gateway to secrecy Spirit absinthe Spirit absinthe Seven seals Devilish creatures trumpets the end of time Cloven hooves Anti saint wormwood catapulting your mind Into the jaws of death Spirit absinthe Spirit […]