Dominia – Divine Revolution Lyrics (2006)

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Divine Revolution Lyrics
Divine Revolution Lyrics – Copyright@Dominia

Dominia – Divine Revolution Lyrics (2006)

1. The Prophecy

The planet-earth will be ruined and broken
The faith in truth will be erased and soon will be forgotten
The picture shows me just the hopeless slaves
The new world order comes it’s time to dig the endless graves

It is the end of hopes and peace
It is the coming of the Beast
The picture shows me the earth embraced in gloom
It is the start, the start of Mankind’s Doom

No way out of act
Accept the fact
And we’ve been fucked
By (new world order) policy
Don’t tell them” please!”
Don’t stand on knees
And just through this
You might escape this prophecy

Third war is near. We’ll see the seas of blood
It is the precedence of the real Ungod
The picture shows me the politicians’ conspiracy
Prepare to die and pray, if you believe in prophecy

2. With Pain into Eternity

You feel weariness inside your heart again
You can feel it inside your soul
You wish to kill this pain, the eternal pain
But your spirit’s swallowed by the black hole

As Time’s passing away, you’re back in the past
Turning the pages of sins that you have done
When your thoughts were in chains in the prison of lust
You did not see the light of the divine sun

And now, when it’s cold to the bones
You are swallowed by the vortex of pain
You are all alone
And you follow the shadows of Satan’s domain

You are still alive, dwelling in blindness
All that you got is broken to pieces
Slowly you decay, being tortured in darkness
Now the devil gives his deadly kisses.

3. Burial of Reasons

Burning fire in my mind
Dirty faces, Devil’s spaces
See the story of my glory
I die slowly in this story

My time to rule has come
To enslave everyone
I am the greatest man
I sacrificed the Lamb
The Lamb who was my friend
I throw Him to His End
You know my God is King
I pray for you, for Him

My unforgettable dreams
Have revived the majestic wishes
I wanted to save the World
To save the doomed

I killed Evil, no more fear
My God with me, you may see this
I touch His lips and get a bad trip
Satan saw this. Am I lawless?

My thoughts live with the worms
They live in tomb-stone cold
My empty fallen soul
I made my name fall
And now my brain is dead
It’s buried in my head
My reasons rot in bloom
I wait for my lonely Doom

4. The Darkness of Bright Life

Just tell me ’bout hate and love
Am I talking to stupid worms?
I have found a magnificent trove
There is no sleep, we’re dead by dawn

I see the pain day after day
The politicians are free to kill
And on the earth evil is the way
I tell about the devil’s will

Open your mind, pray for tomorrow
Here comes the night, the endless streams of blood
I see the judgement day in sorrow
The end is near. I hear the scream of god

The Darkness of Bright Life
No shadows and no light
The Darkness of Bright Life
In emptiness you’ll die

Around the seeds of devil’s lie
Infernal demons are trying to be good
They will all fucking die!
This war will end what will we do?

5. God Is a Brand

The churches tell of paradise
We live to bring them sacrifice
We live in foolish Happiness
Becoming dumb & blind, distressed…

And every time we have to pay
And every time we have to die
In grief of Jesus Christ
We will return to paradise

All the roads are blocked to traffic
Every sheep is going to Hell
Writers, Singers, Cult Classics
They all completely fell

We feel a bitter taste of Power
We live in ancient gloomy towers
The Holy Bible is a devious joint
The look of Christ on a golden coin

6. Beautiful Innocence

You’re beautiful Innocence. I want you
It’s no longer a dream about you
For you my soul. Your flesh for me
God inside you. Devil inside me

When the waves of night embrace my dreams
I call your name
You’re the innocent child. I’m your dark prince
Enjoy this game.

You’re beautiful innocence. I want you
Bound in black, leads to abuse
Let me kiss your lips and your face, your pretty face
You take me in your sweet embrace

You’re beautiful innocence. I want you
Lay down on a bed and I’ll sleep with you
For you my dreams. Your life for me
God inside you. Devil inside me

7. Save Yourself

The might of my Enemies
Die away in me
I will survive
I know I’m free
In the Land of Grief
With tears I slay
Come! Take my Life!
Come on! Let’s play!

And I will rule
Don’t fuck my brain!
Lie down on my bed
Release my pain
My hands are cruel
It’s killing you ( It’s killing you!!! )
You will be dead ( You will be dead!!! )
And I will fuck you!

Can you understand my misanthropic thoughts with your dead mind
Will you read my thoughts about life when I’ll find my god?
Wash my face in the river of blood, in the river of my blood
Can you run away from madness? Sadness – My Goddess!
Will you want to save her life
When I will cut your naked wife
With dirty knife?


Your fucking senses
You don’t hear my screams
Your dirty dances
Excite my dreams
My eyes are blind
I want your flesh
My painful mind
Turns into trash!

…SELF !!!

8. The Punishment

I want to know. What is my way?
Where will I burn, where will I decay?
What’s happening to me? Decease?
I don’t need to be saved. Punish me, please!

What is the pleasure to be burned in the fire?
Faith is the pressure. I wish no desire!

I’m swimming in pain. The suffocation!!!
The punishment again. That’s my Salvation.
What’s happening to me? Decease?
I don’t need to be saved. Punish me, please!

9. Mountains of God’s Depression

The beggarly old man was sick and infirm
He was standing alone on the road
Miserable angel was visiting him
Someone was crucified the day before

They were talking for a long time
And in tears they were walking to the sky
And the holy son who brings no crime
Came down carefully in the night

He said then: he will return
But now he must fly into the sky
At last He said, they were listening taciturn
Everybody will be saved by the light

The son came back soon and was glad
He had come but his father was sad
The chosen people offended his child
The Great Creator was silent.

And the angels were crying in scare
In embrace of depressive smell
Mighty father was thinking in care
And devil was loathing in hell

Mountains of God’s Depression rising up from the Earth
Master of Passion is prepared for his birth.
Mountains of God’s Depression rising into


Divine Revolution Album Info:

Anton Rosa: Vocals
Casper: Violin, Keyboards
Daniel: Guitars
Goodwin: Bass
Papa: Drums
Kat: Violin
Janne Saksa: Vocals (tracks 2, 6, 9) (Guest)
Anna Bagmet: Vocals (track 7) (Guest)

Recording information:

Recorded and produced at Sound Supreme Studio.
Mastered at Chartmakers Oy.

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