Starkill – Fires of Life Lyrics (2013)

Starkill – Fires of Life Lyrics (2013) 1. Whispers of Heresy I am the anguish in your mind Whispering heresy into your ears With the full armor of Darkness Ride into battle as Hell’s cavaliers Wings of fire Burning death Hold them down Consume the flesh Bleeding souls Death of divine The Heavens scream in […]

Thy Light – No Morrow Shall Dawn Lyrics (2013)

Thy Light – No Morrow Shall Dawn Lyrics (2013) 1. Suici.De.spair (instrumental) 2. Wanderer of Solitude Nostalgia for what I can’t repair When life didn’t came this crude I still homesick for nowhere Condemned wanderer of solitude. Transcending into the depths of mourn (Quote from the sovietic-filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky: “Nostalgia is a feeling throughout. Stated […]

Thy Light – Suici.De.pression Lyrics (DEMO) (2007)

Thy Light – Suici.De.pression Lyrics (DEMO) (2007) 1. Suici.De.Pression (Introduction to My End) (instrumental) 2. In My Last Mourning… The clock’s hands fold, I feel pulsing in my chest all the agony of one more day, in this world of darkness. Through my nostrils, runs the smell of my own death printed on the grey […]

Cacophony – Speed Metal Symphony Lyrics (1987)

Cacophony – Speed Metal Symphony Lyrics (1987) 1. Savage Here’s a warning I’m getting restless Don’t know how much i’ll take i’m a savage, raging fury From my wrath you can’t escape I’m on the hunt I’m hunting for you You’ll wish you’d never crossesd me When I’m through I’m on the rise Stalking my […]

Adagio – Underworld Lyrics (2003)

Adagio – Underworld Lyrics (2003) 1. Next Profundis (Lyrics/Forte – Music/Forte-Codfert) Crossing the borders of an enchanted dream Silver dust falling on my hands Empty spaces of a new horizon Frontiers to another land See the stars come closer, Enlightening your desire Follow the wisdom of the light I’m not afraid, take my hand Show […]