Solothus – No King Reigns Eternal Lyrics (2016)

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No King Reigns Eternal Lyrics
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Solothus – No King Reigns Eternal Lyrics (2016)

1. The Betrayer

All Strength fades with the last breath
Left to die, the cold embrace
Strange voices fill your mind
Urging you to carry on
Deep in the glade, held on a dais
A sword with runes etched on the blade
Heed the warning or bear the bane
Revenge is all that he craves

Whispers feed your endless rage
Blurring friend into faceless foe
Steel cuts deep, yearning the flesh
Lust for carnage, victim of the sword

Defiler! Usurper!
Devourer! Betrayer!

Bloodline defamed
Eternal Suffering
Soul devoured
By the foul blade

Heed your destiny
Legacy of doom

In your hand
The Runeblade of Betrayal

2. No King Reigns Eternal

These halls are silent
Only shadows linger here
Once great kingdom
Now in ruins
Insanity will conquer
Madness will rule
Mighty king’s diadem
All the glory gone

Buried in dust

Venomous words uttered
By the man in black robes
A pact with Death
The gift of mortality
Once clear mind
Now clouded by lies
As darkness descends
All will be slain

Buried in nightmares

No king reigns eternal!

Aeons come and go
The King still upon his throne
The Weight of the dead
Upon his frail shoulders
“A betrayer” they chanted
A Traitor they found
The high have fallen
Eternity in shame


3. Darkest Stars Aligned

The night gathers
In the forest deep
Chanting in a circle
Servants of the primordial evil

As It Was Written
Darkest Stars Aligned

Bring the black tome
Wisdom ages old
Unleash the power
See the world burn

By words spoken
Ancient knowledge invoked
By ritual fulfilled
The darkness unbound

Terror unmatched
Time stands still
Planetary funeral
Cosmic annihilation

The Stars are in a row
The Barriers between the worlds
Are weakening by the seconds
The moment draws near
A sacrifice to be made
Old gods walk this earth

As It Was Written
Darkest Stars Aligned

4. Malignant Caress

Possessed by foul spirits of old
My soul purged in demonic pyres
My sanity dissolved by the infernal spells
This darkness you cannot fathom…

Blessed by the essence of hate
Only primal rage fills this hollow man
A shrine built of torment and bones
This darkness you cannot define…

Malignant Caress!

Forbidden incantations
Corrupt the heart
Broken he falls
All ends in flames

5. Towers in the Mist

Majestic they stand
Enduring all storms
Cultists approach
The Towers in the Mist

Dimensions entwine
The Nexus of gateways
Bask in his darkness
Throne of the Void-Lord

Twisting pathways
Through the Realms

Words of the Doomed
Echo in the rifts
A new god has risen
The age of the Magus is here!

An era of sorrow
A Century of darkness
Woe upon the world
For Doom is here

6. The Winds of Desolation

No light dawns
Upon the barren fields
Oh so silently
Death walks amongst us
Gazing at the slain
Pledged his sword
Now covered in blood
All the deeds fulfilled

Vultures circle
Above the dead
Life long gone
Hearts turn to stone
Emptiness devours
Meaningless words
No right or wrong
Triumphant, yet defeated

Cold, lifeless eyes
For no one they wept
Eerie voices are carried
By the winds of desolation.

No King Reigns Eternal Album Lineup:

Veli-Matti Karjalainen: Guitars
Kari Kankaanpää: Vocals
Juha Karjalainen: Drums
Sami Iivonen: Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Tami Luukkonen: Bass

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at Rehearsalucifer Studios in 2015.
Mastered at Transistor Studios in 2015.

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