Solothus – Summoned from the Void Lyrics (2013)

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Summoned from the Void Lyrics
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Solothus – Summoned from the Void Lyrics (2013)

1. Frostbane Overture


2. Hordes of the North

Great call from the north
Riders on the cold winds
Fury of a thousand winters
Shall be unleashed this night!

A night… So long…
A winter… So cold…

Bloodthirsty horde
From the frozen wastes
Consumed by hatred
City still asleep…

Of frost…
Of doom…

Of frost…
Of doom…

Winter is coming… Hordes of the North!

Greatest walls
Will crumble
Thundering force
Northmens wrath

Terror strikes
Call to arms
Brave defenders
Hold at all costs

Hear the war command! Stand or fall!

Crimson moon arises…
Telling its dark tales…
Blood has been spilled…
War has just begun…

3. Plaguewing

Realms shaken by a roar
Behemoth soaring the skies
Carried upon pestilent winds
Curse for the living

Wings of darkness
Void of all emotions
City guard a paltry force
Ripped apart by claws

Obsidian cultists
Darkness to devour the world
Horror from ages forgotten
Now coming with ruin

Below, deep in the catacombs
A circle of black robes

Necromantic incantations cast
Words of power to raise the dead
Dark mists gather in these vaults
Dark brethren sworn to revenge

“With the darkest wings
Malevolent creatures
Heed the words of your master
Let his name be heard!”


4. Magus of Doom

Embers and earth torn asunder
Devoured in crimson flames
Black magics to devastate
A funeral for all the ages

Magus of Doom!

Realms reduced to cinders
Gathering of tormented
All creation undone
Void, black earth dying

Magus of Doom!

Only shadows linger here now
Upon his altar they shall bow
Unholy magics of doom
Rule over this land of gloom
The scars so cruel and deep
Only death they shall reap
Not even the strong can survive
For the Magus is stronger and more vile!

No light nor hope anymore
A realm drowned in hatred and despair
Bitterness grows in the hearts of men
Mankind destroyed itself…

5. Summoned from the Void

Behold the black magics
The darkness that devours
Only cursed souls
Will wander the earth

The hour of devastation
Twilight of the ancient gods
Ruins of the old world
A new order will rise

Hear the cries of doom
Summoned from the void

Eclipse of the crimson moon
A time to mourn and kneel
Hatred rules this judges hand
Court for the falling realm

Freed from the cage
Summoned from the void
Unbound from the chains
Summoned from the void

Tremble and behold
Fate worse than death
When all the life
Will cease to exist

Scythe to harvest
Extinguish the flame
Reduced to nothingness
In darkness, you will serve

Dimensions begin to melt
Summoned from the void
An army of the dead
Summoned from the void

“I walk this land again…
As told, the world will burn…
These blind eyes see…
Hatred, guide the way…”

6. Upon Shattered Lands

Putrid stench
Sickening to behold
Severed limbs
Deeds unsung

Cold blooded
Black hearted
Clad in gore
Dark cultists

Bones crushed
Heads cut
Insane eyes
Berserker rage

Under blackest banners
Cursed warriors rise
Upon Shattered Lands

Destroyed by death
Possessed by doom
Upon Shattered Lands

Summoned from the Void Album Lineup:

Veli-Matti Karjalainen Guitars
Kari Kankaanpää Vocals
Dario Vujosevic Bass, Vocals (backing)
Juha Karjalainen Drums
Sami Iivonen Guitars, Vocals (backing)

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at Rehearsalucifer Studios in 2013.
Mastered at Priory Recording Studios in 2013.

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