The Gentle Storm – The Diary Lyrics (2015)

The Gentle Storm – The Diary Lyrics (2015) Disc 1 – Gentle Version 1. Endless Sea “As soon as my eyes fell on the old chest nestled between boxes and suitcases in the corner of the attic, I knew I’d found something significant. Made of dark wood, intricately carved, its metal fittings exquisitely hand crafted, […]

Opeth – Heritage Lyrics (2011)

Opeth – Heritage Lyrics (2011) 1. Heritage (Instrumental) 2. The Devil’s Orchard This trail is obsidian, The grip of winter uncoiled A lover would follow me Cast down and sworn to the dark Take the road where devils speak “God is dead” “God is dead” The wealth of darkness Inside you telling you “now” Your […]