Beyond Creation – The Aura Lyrics (2011)

Beyond Creation – The Aura Lyrics (2011) 1. No Request for the Corrupted I am now attacked by someone corrupted Suppressing I am, suffering Iā€™m still Is he what humanity is seeing? As my own, I will cover my eyes And say to myself; Deliverance is waiting, deep inside my corpse Betrayed, I will fight […]

Beyond Creation – Earthborn Evolution Lyrics (2014)

Beyond Creation – Earthborn Evolution Lyrics (2014) 1. Elusive Reverence We, the world, exhausted souls, slaves from those paths We’ve grown to become reflections of our souls Physionomical creations Philosophical imitations, we learn, we trust but we’ll never know, We’ll never really know Man behaves, in ecliptic situations Forgetting this mind’s progression we all worked […]

Obscura – Omnivium Lyrics (2011)

Obscura – Omnivium Lyrics (2011) 1. Septuagint I assume a true above and below One more and first of all I endeavor the deadly uniformity That erudition brought into this world I doubt wherever the earth’s gravity That is boldly presumed to extend Over the whole structure of the world Effective beyond a certain radius […]