Annihilator – Waking the Fury Lyrics (2002)

Annihilator – Waking the Fury Lyrics (2002) 1. Ultra-Motion Pure speed in thermal overdrive Performance always set to the hilt Ignition, time to ignite The ultimate machine ever built High-octane adrenaline rush Nothing’s gonna get in my way Time-bomb, hell-bent for destruction There will be hell to pay Speed and aggression, a deadly obsession Joining […]

Annihilator – Alice in Hell Lyrics (1989)

Annihilator – Alice in Hell Lyrics (1989) 1. Crystal Ann (instrumental) 2. Alison Hell [“A young girl, terrified, there’s something out there. But is it real? It must be, because it’s watching her. Her pleas for comfort and reassurance are ignored, and soon, all she has left is her imagination… And that’s the most terrifying […]

Venom – Black Metal Lyrics (1982)

Venom – Black Metal Lyrics (1982) 1. Black Metal Black is the night metal we fight Power amps set to explode Energy screams magic and dreams Satan records their first note. We chime the bell chaos in hell Metal for maniacs pure. Fast melting steel fortune on wheels Brain haemorrhage is the cure For BLACK […]