Adagio – Underworld Lyrics (2003)

Adagio – Underworld Lyrics (2003) 1. Next Profundis (Lyrics/Forte – Music/Forte-Codfert) Crossing the borders of an enchanted dream Silver dust falling on my hands Empty spaces of a new horizon Frontiers to another land See the stars come closer, Enlightening your desire Follow the wisdom of the light I’m not afraid, take my hand Show […]

Symphony X – Underworld Lyrics (2015)

Symphony X – Underworld Lyrics (2015) 1. Overture (Instrumental) 2. Nevermore From the skies, across the sea of lies To the dungeons of the damned Scorching winds blazing thunderclouds raging Here I make my stand The viper’s venomous bite Has brought on the night Swept away, like a bird of prey Now there’s hell to […]