Persefone – Spiritual Migration Lyrics (2013)

Persefone – Spiritual Migration Lyrics (2013) 1. Flying Sea Dragons (instrumental) 2. Mind as Universe Powerfulness in my soul A great force is Supporting me I see it has always been here Innate, a natural right Omnipresent In every moment, every second, all the time I feel I can face anything Deeply strong… A huge […]

Persefone – Core Lyrics (2006)

Persefone – Core Lyrics (2006) 1. Sanctuary: Light & Grief [1. Drowning The Light] [Demeter seeks for answers when she realizes Core has disappeared.] [2. The Reaction] [Hate, rage and anger blind Demeter. Wounded by this feelings, she threatens to unleash her power. She won’t stop until Core gets back to her side and Hades, […]

Persefone – Truth Inside the Shades Lyrics (2004)

Persefone – Truth Inside the Shades Lyrics (2004) 1. My Unwithered Shrine (instrumental) 2. The Whisper of Men (Lyrics by Rüdiger & Iawr) Now it’s time to live your no-life Rotten trace with a rotten face Your body is mine, Corrupted dreams, ’cause you feel the cold And you can’t die (again) I see the […]