Irkallian Oracle – Grave Ekstasis Lyrics (2013)

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Grave Ekstasis Lyrics
Grave Ekstasis Lyrics – Copyright@IrkallianOracle

Irkallian Oracle – Grave Ekstasis Lyrics (2013)

1. Ekstasis

Cold thighs enclose a leap into grave Ekstasis*
Woven virtues veil howling jaws
Where my cloven tongue seek the vaulted fire
And sweep through dreams of slithering gods

The red swollen glyph is pulsating
Vomiting venom from the ancient tombs
And an eye somewhere inside stares rigid
Luring me into soul-seething swoon

Murder shrieks into halls of mildness
A hissing Horror collapsing upon hindsight
Etching distorted paths into the skin of infants
As hatched moths fly out in the Night

Angelical afterbirth conceived
Within damp caverns of oneiric fluxation
Like blooming tumors that erupt in Swadishtana
Bursts the rotten fruit of normality

Beyond the labia of lepers
And the squeals of boiling babes
Swells wondrous wounds of Scarlet Evil
A pus-anointed mystery await


2. Iconoclasm

The angels all drowned in lamenting flesh
Infinity choked beneath a human face
And the word of god is froth from putrid lips
Crucified to dull hopes and faiths

Their truths all borne of careless winds
Prayers echo against temple walls
… While the shriek of Aeons cracks the pillars
And blind Samson topple Heaven’s arch

See Eschaton’s molested cunt unfold
Icons vomit seas of curdled blood
And Christ descends in feverish rapture
Mantis-faced and reeking of insane love

His tongue crushes the horizon line
Fingers distort their sidereal march
Gaping mouths filled with burning seed
A Wisdom too swift for Reason’s claws

O Messiah that lurks between each heartbeat
The laws of clay rewritten in flames
The Key crushes the locks they crafted
As countless worlds chants your name:

The Kingdom shall come as a thief at night
To rob us off formation’s sleep
With a Light that no eyelid was made to block
Like eardrums that burst a great lengths ‘neath the sea

Come! Come!
The cracked bells of Ratio have all rung
Come! Come!
Savior of a Secret Sun
Come! Come!
Exclaim the Truth that we all shun
Come! Come!
Christi vel Abaddon…

3. Dispersion

Seven beheaded swine chants in the night
Along the stairs towards the dimmed fire fountain
A riddle of where the ruby of Lumiel fell
Lost among the stinking brothels of Sodom

And Nahas’ scales gleam in gulfs of plague rats
Where I sought divine sparks in verminous bile
And my billion dead sons vibrates the mantra
To raise HE whose purity all worlds defile
Terror blazes like an obsidian iris
Atop the crooked steeple of stellar cacophony

Glistening amid the ortting heads of my rosary
Countersunwise, Hellwards an in between…

Air in veins, cracks in chains, wounds in the body of god

To estrange me, utterly derange me
To carve His name into my tongue
That I may speak Him clearly, verily
As an oracle of IRK-AL-LA
es, I was the Word that escaped me
Beneath mounts upon mounts of revolted selves
In dispersion ensnared
Yet in distance became Aware

In distance shown
The unknown became known*
In absurdism
In the shadow of Lufer-iao-n

*And vise verse

4. Trans-abysmal Echoes (Non-sense)

…And as the bulging boils of Time burst open
I face uncountable dimensions merging into one
Contradictions overflowed in an all-encompassing vortex
While distance dissolves and stars burn out
Along the hand that once sought to enclose infinity
Each pore: An endlessness in an eternal Now

Unfolding into depths of points of overlapped Present
Unlocked before an all-observing Eye

(The secret is:) THIS word that I sing into this Void

Shall beget motion within an Abyss without sequence
Yet Nothing shall still be as Nothing
For Creation makes no fucking sense

5. Absentia Animi

Drive deep your eye into the shifting streams of Luna
Thrust your gaze through her hymen and into Death
About the scattered ruins of overcrowded phantasms
Whose writhes echo the lives that they shed

The Abyss speaks if you dare to listen
It howls when the Moon is drowned in Night
And a step from an unmarked grave is taken
And memory slips out of shape – out of sight

“Death slips between sentence
Madness slips through sense
Non Sense slips into Sentience
Absence seeks senseless Self”

There you shall dissect your heart
To find the room by human gods unseen
Where the will to life flows inverted
Into the great sleep of all our dreams

Throw the coin into the ancient waters
Where heads and tails are evened out
And the cogwheels rust in weary stutter
At the cenotaph of doubt
May your eyeglobes fall ever backwards
May you swallow your own tongue
Immerse the dream, dip the song, drench the kiss
In Layla’s deathblack wine
Oh the wild waves that drift sublime
Out of face – out of mind
Out of reason – out of rhyme

Can you gaze any deeper?
Into the cold depths where your flaming vision once fell
Then know once for all
That it as but the Abyss that gazed into itself…


Grave Ekstasis Album Lineup:

Murder Divine Various
Nightmare Fukk Various
Transplutonian Afterbirth Various
Tomb Sun Various
Mind-Blinding Void Various
Radiating Abyss Various

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