Path of Destiny – Dreams in Splendid Black Lyrics (2016)

Dreams in Splendid Black Lyrics
Dreams in Splendid Black Lyrics – Copyright@PathofDestiny

Path of Destiny – Dreams in Splendid Black Lyrics (2016)

1. The Awakening


2. Invocation

Thou, spirit from behind the gates
My slave art thou in every way
No mercy, no escape
The wrath breeding within me
Is the force that drives your will
So I invoke you!

Strike against their walls
Burn down the bridges
And make them suffer
For their deeds
I invoke you!

Ritual – of the inverted sign
Cleansing – the planet in rage
Inauguration – of the devastator
Ritual – of the inverted sign
Cleansing – the planet in rage
Sacrifice – satanic forces rise

And soon the world shall be aflame
And mankind is a fading memory
The gods have left
The eclipse is at hand
Twilight ignited by the
Only one monarch of this universe
Follow your master’s call!

This, the revenge taken
In blackest grimness with
Dark matter never to be fed up
with days’ light
It devours your kingdom!
And leaves no trace
Of an failing kind on this planets…soil!
Of an failing kind on this soil

And now I call thee
To rise up, to appear
As a flame before me
As a flame to rage upon
These lands like a storm
Thy flames shall be the sword
Stabbed in their weak flesh
Summoning will take place

3. Embers

Exhausted beings hung to rot
Empty shells of shades I’ve seen them once alive
They seem to shape an empty alley
Into the vacant vastness of life

Mountains grinded and refined
A plane still lasts
Dead and hollow the place we used to love
Just ruins of the past remain here
And silent voices call for you out of the black
… and embers show you the way

Devastation reigned here
Made the heavens fall
Down on earth, on our world
To the empires of lies
To wash them all away
For they are an evil plague

Decisions of the past
Turned out as a mistake
But we are not the same
Not aware of anything
Too much lies beneath the reach
Of our humble consciousness inside

Out of the black the fingers of sorrow
Grasp for my soul
To lay a little sickness around it
And transform myself into cinder
Glowing cinder
Evil cinder
Diabolical ….

A reign of fire and thorns – fire and thorns
Vicious fire and thorns – fire and thorns
Demonic fire and thorns – fire and thorns
Diabolical fire and thorns – fire and thorns

4. Reign of the Ravenous

This is the sign for those
Waiting, all seeing
With wings spread wide
They ascend to strike again

Collecting the forsaken
Around the throne
Of voracity we’re gathered
We’ll build up an army
Against thy dominion
Of idleness we’ll strike
And bring you to fall!

To reerrect chaos
And eliminate the thruth
No borders to live in between
Just a glance of madness
On the horizon of our lives
The Abyss yearns for you.

You! Thy ideas shall fall!
Thy world shall collapse!
And crumble to nothingness
The void will prevail!
The reign of the ravenous
A manifestation of a prophecy
That came to live
The reign of the ravenous
This is a prophecy that came to live

Legions of the unlight
Risen from the ashes of empires
That faded so long ago
Skeletal remains lusting for their realm
They light the torch of upheaval
A burning flame…

…enlightening heavens with fear!
…at the edge of this world.

The Reign of the ravenous
A manifestation of a prophecy
That came to live

5. The Fire-Lit Shadow (The Shadow I Am)

It gets alive – there where all betrayal begins
In the darkened, narrow streets of rape
And with an empty smile of our random world
Melting faces fading in vortexes from beyond

“Good” lost all virginity murdered
More than a thousand times
Stabbed again, again and again
With the knife of deceit

And the flames it wields so high
They are of hatred and disgust
And no one will ever feel them
We’re already, already burned

I am the flame I yield so high
I am a god of hatred and disgust
And no one will ever feel me
I am just burned by now…

And in its grace there is no beauty but cruelty
It weaves its soothing arms around my mind
And tears me apart so now I can see
A dreadful, slowly distortion of things I loved before

There is a seed growing – slowly growing
Inside the heart of fucking emptiness
Waiting and dwelling reside within
The fire-lit shadow – the shadow I am

Now the time has come – My religious son
To face everything – that in live we have done
I stand in this shade – fire-lit my blade
What I feel now is full of ignited hate

6. Dreams in Splendid Black

The towers of hope
Won’t ever reach the skies
Amongst the weak an illness reigns
Lay Down as sky darkens
And close the eyes to embrace the night
Reaching the point of insignificance
Upon which shadows are built
An effigy of the end in shards of black

Between walls of unconsciousness
Our near Armageddon is already breed
And the horrified faces of our beloved ones
That won’t ever draw a breath again
They’re haunting for us

Dreams in splendid black – upheavals inside your soul
When twilight crawls the earth all things turn black and fade way
Soon there is nothing left – left for you and me
Dreams in splendid black – phantoms dwelling on this soil
When twilight crawls the earth all things turn black and fade way
Soon there is nothing left – for you and me to live for

Demons of the night revel their victory
Over the light – all is splendid black
Striving for illumination provokes laughter
Among inscrutable eyes
Dwelling on thoughts of insignificance
This blackness leaks my mind
An effigy of the end in shards of black

Tears descending from unseen well
All the pleading is in vain
This terrifying voices are screaming for salvation
Therefor evil thoughts arise again – they are hunting for us

Pointing at all of us
With limbs so cold
It is a charge
We cannot deny
What we have done, it is
A dream in black…
It is a dream inside

Dreams in splendid black – they seem to be our way

7. Two Steps to Eternity

Darkness – The house of my soul
I feel the longing
For the space beyond
There is nothing for me to find
In this world of fucking lies

My eyes stare up into heights
Of another sky
In another language it tells me
Somewhere there are yet better days to find

Lead me to oblivion
Redemption lies ahead
Maybe I will find a place
Where things are still the same
Just two more steps
And I can touch
And I can see
Forever, eternity

So I take the last chance
And remove the unworthy rest of mine
Only small traces will at least
Touch universes’ brink

All heavens are lies
No great behind, no god
Only endless fields of dark masses
Colliding into one another
Smashing the last glimpse
Of my consciousness

8. Within the Void

Welcome to the darkness
Within this emptiness
It’s time to say good bye to everything you know
Welcome to pure enlightenment
Within the darkest black
It’s about time to say good bye to your appreciation

Within the void I`m introduced to the power of myself
Strengths which come from deep inside my soul
A fire is burning – telling me that I am still sane
Nothing here that I could fear or even love
I feel no god, neither good nor evil
Solely myself enthroned by inner might

I am the ice cold water within a burning flame
I am the silence that screams for you
I am the darkness shed into the light
I’m the beginning of the end
I am within the void

The eons fade like minutes – while seconds seems like years
The towers of your mind are crumbling
Love and light feels like hate
Power and strengths are your major weakness
Expect the unexpectable within the void

…within the void

You are voiceless within word
Deaf while sensing whispers
Full of awareness while asleep
You are dead likewise alive
We are voiceless within word
We are deaf while sensing whispers
Full of awareness while asleep
We are dead likewise alive

I am yourself and you are mine within the void
You are me and I am you … within
I don’t know who you are and you don’t know who I am
Inexpressible is the mind within the void

… within the void ….

9. I, Ascending from Ashes

Drowned in a fire
Of an astral kind
Devoured by flames
Sentenced to never find myself
Again in this deadly fog

Touched the great void behind
All that’s of matter
I just see now how senseless
Me deeds and hopes were
But resistance grows in me
I’ll be reborn much stronger than ever before

Against the unavoidable – Against the law
Of the outer space – I will escape
Nothing will bring me down – abomination
I am ascending from ashes – and dust

I fight the void with
Thoughts of live
Of the future that I wanted to have
It twists under my mind’s fist
Wants to hold the little rest of mine

The pure force of my will is
Still unbroken
And I will resurrect much stronger than before
No chains can hold me here – forever

I am ascending from ashes
Ascending from ashes ascending from ashes – I am

My chains explode in shards
Broken by pure will
There is no higher sway than mine
My chains explode in shards
Broken by pure will
There is no higher sway than mine

Reborn much stronger than ever before!

10. Age of Conquest

Free from the boundaries
Of voids’ realm
I have become
Of blood and flesh again
This unknown sentiment of strength
My veins are filled with

A new body much
More alive than ever before
Forged in flames
Enlightened by the wisdom
Of the netherworld
Gazing upon this place
What is left out there?
No barriers and laws
Will hinder me
I going to wake the dead

For thou who sleep in stone and clay,
Hear this call, rise up and obey,
Treck on through the mortal door,
Assemble flesh once more
For thou who aren’t immortal
Yet wake up from sleep and don’t regret
What has been done and what will be
Welcome to my legion of the damned

Born anew and resurrected
Charging ahead into glorious times
A new age of gorgeous future
This is the conquest of mine

And a crown fits me
Wrested from the reaper’s skull
As a sign of my victory
Over the forces of DEATH

Age of conquest – under the will of mine
Dark and sentenced – I’m the master of divine
Age of conquest – under the will of mine
Dark and sentenced – I’m the master of divine

11. Death’s Dominion

Frightened I’m awaiting and bleeding here to see
The hour, the hour that it grasps for me
A gentle touch is freezing my soul
Discharging my heart
So that an empty shell resides

But I’ll be willing and already
Left all things of value behind
Even my emotions
Even my crown
Gained in ecstasy
I move forward
Let death take its mastery
We change the sites
Now I’m the one
Waiting behind
I was never worth holding
The sceptre in my hand
And the reaper proudly wears
The crown again and again

To me dead is a blessing
Opening new chances
Reuniting me with the
Realms I touched
So many years ago
The cage that once held
Me before will embrace me again

We should learn to accept death…
As it is…
As a noble gift
That saves us from the arrogance
Breeding within the human soul
It teaches us that we’re just dust
Under universe’s feet

So the abyss calls me
Here at the crest I stand
And from my point of view
It’s like a call
The whisper
Of a beloved one


Dreams in Splendid Black Album Lineup:

Holger Markert Drums
Christian Reinhard Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Christoph Silge Bass, Orchestral Arrangements
Alexander Helfer Guitars
Sebastian Schaffert Vocals

Recording information:

Guitars, Drums and Bass recorded December 2014 – March 2015 at FF-Music Studio, Piesau (Germany)
Vocals recorded March 2015 – July 2015 at Unholy Studio, Jena (Germany)
Mix / Master and Co-Production July 2015 – September 2015 by Jaro at JAROSOUND, Stockholm (Sweden)

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