Irkallian Oracle – Apollyon Lyrics (2016)

Irkallian Oracle – Apollyon Lyrics (2016) 1. Reflections Desert and swirl sleepless, shivering adrift as star scattered sky and sea Shattered mirrors reflect confusion in countless echoes lost in abysses of fraction distance and love From the corner of my eye/I sense that which can’t be sensed as myself, known to my only by the […]

Irkallian Oracle – Grave Ekstasis Lyrics (2013)

Irkallian Oracle – Grave Ekstasis Lyrics (2013) 1. Ekstasis Cold thighs enclose a leap into grave Ekstasis* Woven virtues veil howling jaws Where my cloven tongue seek the vaulted fire And sweep through dreams of slithering gods The red swollen glyph is pulsating Vomiting venom from the ancient tombs And an eye somewhere inside stares […]

Immortal – Damned in Black Lyrics (2000)

Immortal – Damned in Black Lyrics (2000) 1. Triumph It’s dark time Darker than all days before Darker than all years before It’s cold age Colder than all days before Colder than all years before Taste a tide Where landscapes surround us with blight On the wind-rippled steps The ever-flowing streams of our enemies’ blood […]

Immortal – Blizzard Beasts Lyrics (1997)

Immortal – Blizzard Beasts Lyrics (1997) 1. Intro Winters await… Seasonal… Dying suns descend… Ageless… Demonized… The Wind Valley… 2. Blizzard Beasts (Music: Abbath/Demonaz; lyrics: Demonaz) Wintriness lurk within enlocked realms Strength beheld our demon throne Supernal journeys from the shrine Beyond the spirit side Yearning in beast worlds tide Blackening the lands with blight […]