Virvum – Illuminance Lyrics (2016)

Virvum – Illuminance Lyrics (2016) 1. The Cypher Supreme Cypher 2. Earthwork Inaptly striving to grasp the effects of causal conception beyond all sensorium. Mythic energies of a power so unavowed, concealing the shape of subsumable soil. Focus being torn into spectral dimensions, iniquitous offerings feeding the mind. Unparalleled biotic conceptional design, an inner spiritual […]

Black Crown Initiate – The Wreckage of Stars Lyrics (2014)

Black Crown Initiate – The Wreckage of Stars Lyrics (2014) 1. A Great Mistake I, the burning arrow for the other shore And seething with a callous rage A sacred object with a hollow core And actor on an empty stage We from the shadow will extend our hands And turn our gaze towards the […]

Symphony X – Iconoclast Lyrics (2011)

Symphony X – Iconoclast Lyrics (2011) 1. Iconoclast Rise of the one – The dark iconoclast Forging a cult of fear, With legions unsurpassed Shouting the word – With vicious tongues of fire Born of illusion and deceit Fiendish soul of a liar. The chaos unseen rips The midnight sky Infernal machines arise Flesh and […]

Death – Spiritual Healing Lyrics (1990)

Death – Spiritual Healing Lyrics (1990) 1. Living Monstrosity Every day blows by in the world of corrupt addiction With life comes pain withdrawals and deformation Breaking the mold of human appearance Contorting bodies with chemical interference The guilty one, innocent she now cries A life of hell, better off to die Born without eyes, hands […]

Persefone – Spiritual Migration Lyrics (2013)

Persefone – Spiritual Migration Lyrics (2013) 1. Flying Sea Dragons (instrumental) 2. Mind as Universe Powerfulness in my soul A great force is Supporting me I see it has always been here Innate, a natural right Omnipresent In every moment, every second, all the time I feel I can face anything Deeply strong… A huge […]

Persefone – Core Lyrics (2006)

Persefone – Core Lyrics (2006) 1. Sanctuary: Light & Grief [1. Drowning The Light] [Demeter seeks for answers when she realizes Core has disappeared.] [2. The Reaction] [Hate, rage and anger blind Demeter. Wounded by this feelings, she threatens to unleash her power. She won’t stop until Core gets back to her side and Hades, […]

Persefone – Truth Inside the Shades Lyrics (2004)

Persefone – Truth Inside the Shades Lyrics (2004) 1. My Unwithered Shrine (instrumental) 2. The Whisper of Men (Lyrics by Rüdiger & Iawr) Now it’s time to live your no-life Rotten trace with a rotten face Your body is mine, Corrupted dreams, ’cause you feel the cold And you can’t die (again) I see the […]