Vektor – Terminal Redux Lyrics (2016)

Vektor – Terminal Redux Lyrics (2016) 1. Charging the Void Blasting forward through a filamentous sky Beckoned by the flash of exploding light My soul crosses over the Great Divide Charging the void Isolated, I’ve been redeployed A rider on the crest Carry forth or plummet to death Autopilot function has been overridden For Isolation […]

Vektor – Outer Isolation Lyrics (2011)

Vektor – Outer Isolation Lyrics (2011) 1. Black Future Energetic pulse rippling out from our world An undead galactic master sleeps within a subspatial realm Dark waves traverse the astral plane, the demonoid awakes Nebular projections pierce the fabric of space The anti-being breaks through Black Future All at once the sky went black, a […]

Black Crown Initiate – The Wreckage of Stars Lyrics (2014)

Black Crown Initiate – The Wreckage of Stars Lyrics (2014) 1. A Great Mistake I, the burning arrow for the other shore And seething with a callous rage A sacred object with a hollow core And actor on an empty stage We from the shadow will extend our hands And turn our gaze towards the […]

Starkill – Fires of Life Lyrics (2013)

Starkill – Fires of Life Lyrics (2013) 1. Whispers of Heresy I am the anguish in your mind Whispering heresy into your ears With the full armor of Darkness Ride into battle as Hell’s cavaliers Wings of fire Burning death Hold them down Consume the flesh Bleeding souls Death of divine The Heavens scream in […]

Cacophony – Speed Metal Symphony Lyrics (1987)

Cacophony – Speed Metal Symphony Lyrics (1987) 1. Savage Here’s a warning I’m getting restless Don’t know how much i’ll take i’m a savage, raging fury From my wrath you can’t escape I’m on the hunt I’m hunting for you You’ll wish you’d never crossesd me When I’m through I’m on the rise Stalking my […]