Veil – Sombre Lyrics (2008)

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Sombre Lyrics
Sombre Lyrics – Copyright@Veil

Veil – Sombre Lyrics (2008)

1. To Die Alone

Once stood in an army of men
Now I stand alone alone
Humbled yet still proud proud

Cold cell walls
As darkness falls

Sentenced to death
For what I believe

This cause of my sorrow
Solitude provides solace
Nothing left to give
Only hollow days remain

I die alone alone

2. Resilience

Cold Northwinds blow
Fuel for the Gaelic storm

Supreme Celtic blood
For Centuries
They’ve tried, to crush

Time and time again,
Invaders, were forced
from the land of Fire

Sent weeping,
back to homelands

Steel, Iron, power,
Blood, sweat, and fire
By limb, by life, by desire
Still they resist

Beaten, maimed, murdered
Still they resist

Hunted, stalked, but not conquered
Still they resist

Most resilient of all races
Culture still in tact

Unhindered by centuries of oppression

3. Mater Maternis

Nature the creator
Profound overseer

In turmoil she cares
In anger no life is spared

She waits by the forest
For my humble entrance

I feel her embrace
I bow in her presence

She waits for compliance
From the lemming masses

Hellbent on her destruction
In the end… devastation

4. Renewal

Blood flows from wounds of battle
Life grows from seeds of death
The cycle of life continues
Blow to blow and breath to breath

The giving and taking of life
All must heed nature’s call
No pity for those who can’t face
The hammer of Thor conquers all

Centuries have past, come and gone
Ancient codes forever stand
Blood for blood, tooth for tooth
Sword to sword and man to man

5. Hope

Winds will blow
Tides will turn
Change is eternal, change is eternal

Rulers fall
Empires end
Change is eternal, change is eternal


Sombre Album Lineup:

S. All instruments
Thurisaz Vocals

Recording information:

All music/lyrics written by S. between 1997-2006, except “To Die Alone” written by S. & Paul H.

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