Xasthur – The Funeral of Being Lyrics (2003)

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The Funeral of Being Lyrics
The Funeral of Being Lyrics – Copyright@Xasthur

Xasthur – The Funeral of Being Lyrics (2003)

1. The Awakening to the Unknown Perception of Evil

2. Tyrant of Nightmares

3. Intro


4. Sigils Made of Flesh and Trees

Blood clotted sewage possessed my veins and mind.
Poisonous indulgence.
Suicidal voids filled with fragments of waste showers.
Dreaming a tormented memory to slash my throat.
Yet awakening in blood.
Vortex and scars on their mind.
To never forget the meaning of hate.
Resuscitate my dying breeze into the dreams of tangled living corpses behind sigils made of flesh and trees.
To drain you of your soul, falling to your knees.
Echo’s calling through stillborn wombs.
Unknown evil & chaos is spawned.
Hypnotic tones from far away.
Bring abysmal wings reborn through death thus bring a new eternity.

5. Blood from the Roots of the Forest, Part 2

6. Blood from the Roots of the Forest, Part 1

7. Intro


8. Bleak Necrotic Paleness


9. Reflecting Hateful Energy

Reflecting hateful energy

Red hopelessness impaled on rocks and trees.
Fallen from cliff’s edges, a cursed exit from weakened mortality.
Servants sacrificing their flesh (for soon the soul will be gone).
In the name of nothingness, abduction of your will to live.
Rat-like minions seal the trapped circle and vacant spaces (of a living hell) filled with hate.
Saviour of ruin, obsessed with your decay.
Dying eyes like blood flooded tombs.
A vampiric Christ’s hateful reflection.
By a red spell is cast into the deadest of all eyes, release the chains and slash your tr oath.
Eternal black winter left only hate in its never-ending grasp.
The killing shadows of all it was I never lived for.
Injecting hate into despondent minds possessing your decay.
Asphyxiate upon ghastly hidden fear.

10. Tyrant of Nightmares (Darkened Winter Promo ’01 version)

11. Outro




The Funeral of Being Album Lineup:

Malefic: All instruments, Vocals

Additional Info:

Original working title was “Sigils Made of Flesh and Trees”.

Recording information:

Recorded and written between September 2001 and April 2003.
Re-mastered by James of Rebarbative Recordings in June 2003.

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